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Very nice script.

6 years ago
nelliwinne nelliwinneAuthor

Thank you very much.

6 years ago

Nice script but I need help with two errors:

1. Deprecated mysql connection

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_DEPRECATED);
$hostname_sys = "localhost";
$database_sys = "htmleditor";
$username_sys = "htmleditor";
$password_sys = "Noodle11";

$sys = mysql_pconnect($hostname_sys, $username_sys, $password_sys) or trigger_error(mysql_error(),E_USER_ERROR);

2. All calls to $_GET['id'] generate the notice: undefined index id

I used the @ symbol to by pass the notice in #2.

6 years ago
nelliwinne nelliwinneAuthor

2nd Issue was fixed and E_ALL Error reporting was impleted for three files.

1. errors.php for Index.php
2. errors2.php for inc.home.php
3. errors3.php for Connections/sys.php

Unfortunately I cannot see that deprecated connect function error in my server. I googled on this issue and wonder whether its a PHP Version Issue in your server. please upload errors3.php to your server and send me the output for further investigation. Also please wait for update of this package at codesgrape. you can check it from Last Update in the right side of this page. (I hope you can re download the package once its updated)

Thank you for your bug report, and I'm happy to assist you always. Please update me the error for this deprecation issue with your php version.

Thank you.

6 years ago
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