Expert PHP/MySQL Developer

I am a PHP/MySQL Developer, working for local companies and few European Companies from 2008. My expertise runs from HTML to PHP. Especially dynamic web developing is one of the best I can do. Generally, I do websites using databases. It's very easy for me and my clients because I generally develop Web Based Back end Software for managing the content of the website like Images, Texts, News, Products, Services, Galleries etc. 

One of my other area of expertise is to develop web-based systems for any custom requirement. I have developed (and continue) an Online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) for a few companies. It includes Store, Accounts, HR, Operation, MRN, SRN etc. This system is now used in a few companies. Also, I am a designer in the other hands. I can design Logos, Letterheads, Visiting Cards etc. I have completed projects for SwissIApps, which is based in Switzerland. Mainly Pizza Currier websites with Back End and Web Services for Apple, Android apps and also for WinOrder. 




My Fiverr Profile is those who expect me to do freelance services for them.


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