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Easy FTP - PHP FTP Client

Easy FTP is a complete solution for a Online FTP Client to manage any FTP Account online, written in PHP/MySQL.

This Online FTP Client software is for any one who need to manage their FTP Accounts without using destop software. You can manage your FTP Account using your Table PC, Smart Phone or any device which has a web browser to connect to WWW. This script uses PHP FTP Commands to manage your files and folders.

File Uploading to FTP is very fast and easy. Intergrated multiple file uploader is real fast and user friendly. Also you can upload files to FTP Account using any mobile device. It's not just uploading files, but you can download and delete files and create new folders.

  •     User Authentication based system with PHP and MySQL
  •     Connect to any FTP Client
  •     View, Download or Delete Files
  •     Create New Folders
  •     Upload files using user friendly multiple file uploaders.
  •     Responsive, you can upload files using your mobile device to FTP
  •     Help documentation is included
  •     Easy to implement.
Appreciated on October 22nd, 2016
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