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Simple PHP/MySQL Login with Forgot Password

Simple PHP/MySQL Login script is easy to apply. Once the user is logged system writes a session with his login details. It ends once user clicked on Logout button at user area.


  • User Login
  • Forgot Password
  • New User Registration
  • Restrict Access to User Area
  • User Logout


  • PHP, (CSS and Javascrpts inline or internal) sripts for the Module
  • sql.sql file for Database Structure
  • Soruce Files as a zip file for Module.
  • Help.txt to Help Files


  • PHP 4 or Higher
  • MySQL
  • Apache based web server.


  1. Upload the script your your server.
  2. Create a database and import sql.sql file.
  3. Connect database to Connections/sys.php
  4. You're done.
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