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HTML Rich Text Editor (PHP/MySQL)

HTML Rich Text Editor, the WYSIWYG  online HTML editor, a powerful web based application which works as a rich software.! Rich Text Editor for PHP/MySQL is by far the fastest, cleanest, user friendly, most powerful online WYSIWYG content editor. This can be used in any application where you need user to editor contents, like CMS Software.

This enables PHP web developers to replace a textarea with an intuitive word-like WYSIWYG editor. Also this has a special feature where you can save your files in a MySQL Database. Once you saved your file, you can re edit it at anytime using open file button.

HTML Rich Text Editor Tools are just images with onclick event function, and are completely configurable and it is also effortless to implement. You will need no more lines to add this script to your application.


  • Database Driven PHP based Rich Text Editor
  • More than 20 Tools available
  • Multiple Files Editing at same time and Save then in database
  • HTML Code Editor Available for Advanced Usage
  • Print Preview and Print Options
  • Free Online Demo

How to Apply?

  1. This Editor script contains just three php files and one database connection file. All php files at located at the root folder.
  2. First Create a database in your server and import sql.sql file (at the root folder) to your database (Single Table callced "editor_pages").
  3. Now change the database connection file at "Connections/sys.php" as follows

    $hostname_sys = "yourhost";
    $database_sys = "yourdbname";
    $username_sys = "yourdbusername";
    $password_sys = "yourdbpassword";.
  4. Now upload all the files at "" to your server.
  5. Access your code via web browser.
  6. You're done.


Change Log:

Some Undefined Index Errors were fixed.


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