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Pixel Photo Effect - Pixel Photo Editor - Pixel Image Editor

​The only app to provide a free hand brush tool to create pixel effects where you want.

Apply customized pixel effects on parts of photos - using PIXEL BRUSH.


Quickly create predefined Pixel effects with tons of STANDARD TEMPLATES.

The most amazing and exciting photo effects is here.
Create amazing pixel dispersion effect pictures in just seconds.Just select the picture from your gallery or capture new picture from camera and apply pixel effect with pixel brush or using predefined pixel effect templates.

Make your Photo look like its bleeding Pixels from photo to create awesome looking Pixel Effect. Pixel Effect has variety of bleeding pixels in various styles.

Demo APK


  • Choose your Pixel Effect Shapes
  • Hand draw to create pixel effects
  • All direction particle dispersion effect.
  • Auto particle dispersion tool for any photo using Standard Templates
  • Easy to change Pixel colors.
  • Save your art in your phone gallery.
  • Show off your pics easily on social media.​​


  • Android Studio
  • Android
  • AdMob Account
  • Play Store Account


  • Unzip Project File
  • Open Project File On Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Change UI Design Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Image For Reskin.
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