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Old Dialor Lock Screen

My old phone dialer keypad ☎️ app is a brilliant phone dialer for android users. Enjoy old rotary dialer ☎️, phone dialer number keyboard and 3D contacts list in a single old dialer phone app. This retro phone dialer ☎️ have four attractive dialer themes free. Use black phone dialer in dialer theme black. Metal style, classic wooden style, blue themes for old phone rotary dialer and phone dialer number pad.


  • Unique and attractive retro phone dialers
  • Slick and smooth dialer rotation
  • Metallic style
  • Black style keyboard
  • Classic wooden style
  • Blue contact dialer style
  • Black dialer and contacts list
  • 3D contacts and dialer keypads
  • Real dialer sound effects
  • Both rotary dialer and keyboard option in menu list
  • Free old phone dialer keypad application

​Demo APK​


  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • AdMob Account
  • Play Store Account


  • Unzip Project File 
  • Open Project File On Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Change UI Design Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Image For Reskin.
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