jQuery XPresenter plugin

XPresenter Slider is a simple and powerful jQuery plugin that makes it easy to design advanced CSS3 presentations, galleries and sliders.


  • Highly Flexible and Customizable.
  • Highly User Interface Design.
  • Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page.
  • Custom per slide easing.
  • Works on iOS & Android devices.
  • Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover.
  • Compatible with external fonts (like Google fonts).
  • Animated preloader bar.
  • Keyboard support.
  • Touch support.
  • Customizable through css.
  • Unlimited transition effects.
  • Custom per slide timeout.
  • Tooltip thumbnail previewer.
  • Public methods, properties and callbacks API (go to slide, play slideshow e.t.c.).
  • Works in all modern browsers (Browsers that support CSS3).
Appreciated on June 30th, 2014
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