Senior PHP/WordPress Developer

At the university, I did not receive sufficient knowledge for the web development part of my course. Therefore, I was forced to acquire the necessary knowledge myself. During this, I fell in love with the world of Front End and programming.

However, while I developed myself to a professional level in this field, time passed on it, that is, the
it has become one of the less resource-demanding areas that anyone can learn, so it is no longer sought after.

Starting from this realization, I was driven to delve even more deeply into the programming languages ​​that I had already used for the Front End, which I had learned (learned), this time approaching the world of the Back End.

I like challenges, I quickly see the problem to be solved at the system level, and I am persistent and hardworking enough to go until I find the solution.
Basically, I like independence, but I am also a believer in teamwork, because I think that everyone has weaknesses, and asking questions is not a sin, but a great opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences with each other, which can build the professional community as a whole. I am an inquisitive and knowledge-hungry person who likes to learn, so self-improvement should be routine for me in any area of ​​life.

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