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WooCommerce Save For Later Cart Enhancement

WooCommerce Save For Later Cart Enhancement

WooCommerce Save For Later Cart Enhancement plugin allows to customers to save particular product and keeps them saved for later purchase.

It will help those customers who have to leave your site without purchased some short-listed product and added into the cart, but total cart amount is out of budgets for customer. So Customer will put some product in save for later section. It will remove from the current cart and It will save for later section.When customer will purchase product next time from your website with same browser then It will show (save for later product) item in cart page. It will remind them of the purchased product. It will increase your sales by this features.

How Save for Later Works?

Allow guests as well as logged in customers to save products for later on the Cart Page. Show them these products the next time they visit the Cart Page and increase your chances of selling these products.


  • Converts your visitor to a paying customer
  • Create some value for all your visitors
  • Tackle high cart abandonment rate
  • Sell More Items on the Cart Page

Plugin Functionality

  • Let guest/ customers save unlimited products.
  • The biggest advantage of this feature is the customer need not LOGIN.
  • No setting or configuration required. Just install, activate & forget.
  • Easy management of list
  • your visitors move products from their cart to their "Save for later" section.
  • You can add custom text for "Save for later" link
  • Single click you can add save for later product in cart page OR delete save for later product.
  • Save for later product will show on cart page on next time purchase product from the same browser.
  • you can save for later cart product in my account.

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Version 1.1 – 26 Dec 2016
- Compatible with WordPress Version 4.7 and WooCommerce 2.6.x

Version 1.0 – 31 Aug 2016
- Compatible with WordPress 4.6
- Supported languages (German, French, Polish, Spanish)
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