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WooCommerce Order Delivery Date

The WooCommerce Order Delivery Date Plugin helps you to choose the Delivery Date at checkout process or notifies them about estimated delivery dates. Order delivery settings allow the site owner to decide which dates should be made available for delivery. Block some date feature, delivery day defines as you want. By capturing the delivery date, orders are processed more efficiently, productivity is improved, and customers are satisfied. WooCommerce Order Delivery Date Key features

  • Enable Delivery Date Selection on Checkouts
  • Set Delivery Date field mandatory on Checkout
  • Set Standard Delivery Days (e.g. 4 days from date of order placed)
  • Allow scheduling delivery before expected delivery date (If allowed, you can add extra cost to charge the customer in that case)
  • Block dates for delivery (Customer can’t choose these dates in checkout)
  • Set Week-off days - the days when you don’t make deliveries. (For every week off day enabled, you can add extra cost to charge the customer - when this week off day is selected as delivery date)
  • Enable week-off day extra cost to charge the customer, if the chosen delivery date is a week-off day
  • Enable zip code based delivery date settings. (If you want to offer precise delivery date based on customer’s zip code, as entered in shipping address)
  • Add zip code and delivery days (days required to deliver products to this zip code)
  • You can add multiple zipcodes-delivery days data OR upload a .csv file having this data, to import data in batch.
  • Change Label of Delivery Date field
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