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Share Application - Transfer APK & Backup APK - Android App

Want to share your applications with friends? Application Share makes it easy to share application links and apk with your friends by Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, Bluetooth, Face book, Drop box, Google Drive etc.
If you are at a place where you don't have phone network connection there you can easily transfer your applications to your friends.
Send your friends directly application installation file (APK) and link to the app's page on the playstore Market. Using this application you can share multiple application at a time.
This is a great way to get friends with new android smart phones started or quickly tell friends about your applications.
Share Apps show your applications with a list, you can get a installation package directly from your memory and send it to your friends as a attachment.

Share one app:

‒ Just tap the app you want to share.
‒ Then select where you want to share it.

Share multiple apps:

‒ Tap and hold an app to start selecting.
‒ Tap your apps to select.
‒ Tap the share icon at the top of your screen.
‒ Select the way you want to share them.

Share APK:

‒ Tap and hold an app to start selecting.
‒ Select one item.
‒ Tap the three dots to open the menu.
‒ Tap "Share APK".
‒ Select the way you want to share them.

Search Application:

‒ Tap the search field.
‒ Type to filter.

Required permissions:

‒ Internet Access, for advertisements
‒ Network State, to improve adverts
‒ Read and write external storage, to share APKs


Sharing one or multiple applications.
Move to SD Card.
Backup application to your SD card directly
Open application.
Uninstall application.
Direct link of application in Play store.

What you get:

1. Full Source code.
2. Design in screenshot.
3. Documentation.
4. demo apk


1) Android
2) android studio(Build in 3.2.1)
3) android phone (OS 4.1.x later)
4) phone and tablet support
5) android (Development language)

Advertisement in application:

1) Admob ADS
2) Facebook ADS

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