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Preschool Numbers : Kids Math Learning Game - Kid Math Puzzle - Android App

We make math fun & engaging. Over 20 Million kids use the Splash Math program to Boost Confidence, Increase Scores & Get Ahead in Math.

Kids Number 1 to 100 Learning Apps - This game is English pronunciation, let’s teach your children to learn the numbers figures. The app will teach to count the numbers, English speaking, learn by dictionary and teach your kids to according and spell easier than ever.



  • #Kids learn the Numbers from 1 to 100 with pronunciation.
  • #A colorful early education app that helps children learn the Numbers.
  • #App for kids to learn Numbers.
  • #Fun to learn Numbers with audio.
  • #Added Numbers with good graphics and sound.
  • #Helpful to understand number.
  • #Smart interface helps kids focus to Learn Numbers 123 without accidentally exiting the App.

123 For Kids starts building Numbers’ shapes in children’s sub-conscious mind in very early ages, so the information is recalled when its taught in schools. It is the most suited numbers flashcards app to be used in all levels of kindergarten classes as well.


What you get:

  • Full Source code
  • Design in screenshot
  • Documentation
  • Demo APK


  • Android
  • Android studio(Build in 3.5.3)
  • Android phone (OS 4.2.x later)
  • Phone and tablet support
  • Android (Development language)

Advertisement in application:

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  • Facebook ADS
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