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is CodeIgniter based system that helps to organize projects, manage employee(s) and Debits/Credits under assigned project. It can be used by all organizations.In order to manage employee(s) can generate salaries including Overtime by just updating privileges individually,it has feature to add daily Expenses through quick voucher along whole details of project. Some of key features are mention below.








Key Features:








  • One window view Dashboard
  • Add/Edit/Delete -User(s)
  • User Activation/Deactivation feature
  • Add/Edit/Delete -User-permission group(s)
  • Add/Edit/Finalize -Project(s)
  • Project Activation/Deactivation feature
  • Users Assigning/De-assigning -Project
  • Add/Edit/Terminate/Delete -Employee(s)
  • Portfolio for -Employee(s)
  • Feature to Employee Transfer Form one to an other Project
  • Salary Management for -Employee(s)
  • Add Voucher(s) for -Debit/Credit
  • Filtered View of Debits/Credits (Only Completed Voucher for all projects)
  • Total Debit/Credit view
  • Strong Access Control Authentication system on every step
  • Employee Salary Report
  • Advance search system (Inside)
  • Manually Backup feature
  • Restore Backup feature
  • Printable invoices including Employee salary and reports.
  • Dynamic setting for build in template skins and layouts








Get Started:








Once installation process is over,follow the steps described below:








  • Update your Profile information.
  • Create User Group ,Update Permissions,assign it to default Admin group is assigned (which has full access).
  • Create or Register New or First Project,Assign it to user as well
  • Create or register new Employee(s) and transfer them Assigned Active Project.
  • Add your voucher expenses as Debits
  • Add your incoming as Credit Voucher








Thats it ... can continue as well by creating more users,projects and entries.for more details can help out from documentation Or user guide.


















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