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Codeigniter Quick Startup with Admin Matrix

CodeIgniter Quick Starter is a ready to start with alomsot all fundamentals and CRUD operational activity with benedmunds-CodeIgniter-Ion-Auth-255c3da library. it has also intigerated admin Matrix tampolate. 

Quick start
Upload/move files to your developing server (localhost) and follow the documentation help file to move in oder to build such awesome web tools or applications in just very small time.


  1. No need to write code about CRUD operations.
  2. User Group permissions
  3. User permissions
  4. User management
  5. Language management
  6. Setting management
  7. Easy to use
  8. Anti sql injections
  9. Anti-XSS
  10. Anti-CSRF
  11. Auto Sortable columns
  12. Auto Pagination
  13. Customizable number of records per page (preset from main settings)
  14. Easy config the file for building sidebar without writing code.
  15. Easy definition validate
  16. Editor, datepicker and datetimepicker support
  17. Use Twitter bootstrap Framework
  18. Backup and Restore
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