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Max Point Of Sale - Multiple Suppliers and Due Payment Supported

Some Key features:

  • Simple responsive and attractive User Interface
  • Products
    • Product management
    • Edit Product Price, Quantity, Sale tax and discount from POS
    • Each Item discount able.(Can be turn ON or OFF for dedicated item)
    • Advance product label printing
    • Multiple suppliers
    • Supported standard,combo and service types
    • Product Units
  • Categories
    • Categories can be bind in child parent relationships.
    • Unlimited sub categories
    • Each sub category can contain sub categories
    • Unlimited relations tree
  • Point Of Sale
    • Point of sale Bar-code scanner compatible
    • Print Sale note on receipts slip link warning,warranty etc.
    • Shipping information and charges can adjust as well
    • Sale Confirmation before refund back
    • Sale and refund solution at a place.
    • Product icon with multiple skins
    • Individually item discountable
    • Set Default/select Included sale tax
    • Turn ON/OFF order overall discount
    • Staff Note
    • Payment Note
    • Quick amount pad
    • Pay latter or on credit can be process.
  • Managements
    • Products Management
    • Categories Management
    • Suppliers Management
    • Customers Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Warehouse Management
  • Reports
  • By Month (i.e Month & Year )
  • By Period (i.e Start form to end till)
  • By Quick time frame(Today or Yesterday)
    • Inventory Alerts with low quantity impacts
    • Sale Report (Payable,Profit,Sold Items,Discount etc)
    • Purchase/Cost Report (Net cost,Purchased Items,Shipping Amount,Included Tax and Discount etc )
    • Tax Report (Sale Tax Collection,Refund Tax depreciation and Purchased Order Tax)
    • Payments
    • Overall stock worth
    • Trending Products
    • Pending payments (customers and supplier's)
  • DataBase Backup and Restore
  • Settings
    • General Setting (Can change Name,address,phone,system currency and date formats)
    • App Logo (Can Update Application logo and billing logo)
    • Mail Configuration (Mail Configs for Quick mail service.)
    • Terms and Conditions (Define billing terms and conditions to print on billing slips)
    • POS (Set Defaults ,printer width POS product's skin,barcode scanner auto focus and tax rate etc)
    • Billing Setting (related billing font and logo size etc )
    • Units (Manage Product units)
  • User/Role Management
    • Create New User
    • Create New Role
    • User Management (edit info or logo etc)
    • Role Management (permissions etc)
  • Build in Quick,Simple and fast mail service
  • Lightweight and fully optimized application.
  • Form CSRF Protection
  • Overall detailed dashboard
  • Quick Purchase Orders according to supplier

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