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Do you want to give an impeccable color splash effect to your pic? Then color splash photo is the ideal photo editor app to do so.

Color splash is a color photo editor which allows you to create awesome images by converting images to grey color or apply colors to your images. It’s a free color splash effect application. You can change color of any image to any color.

This color splash supports awesome photo effects (mono, sepia, hue, saturation, contrast etc.) also. This app offers a variety of photo filters for your photo.

Using this photo effects app, you can create an awesome color splash effect and you can even use this as a photo editor.

Use this color photo editor app and apply some mesmerising photo effects and photo filters to your pics. Give your photo, a breath taking look, by exploring the numerous photo filters.


  • Pinch Zoom.
  • Supports photo effects like bokeh and vintage effects.
  • Supports a variety of photo filters.
  • Crop image
  • Undo functionality
  • Reset functionality
  • Convert images to grey color and color mode.
  • High resolution image quality.
  • Recolor image with any color of your choice.
  • Image from gallery.
  • Post to wall and Upload photos to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Email paintings to friends.
  • Save the image to the SD Card.
  • Configure brush size in settings screen.
  • Undo your changes using refresh button.
  • Move to SD card option.

Color splash photo is one of the best color photo effects and photo filters app for giving a color splash effect to your photo. Download this top photo editor app for free and give some stunning color splash effect to your pic.

Demo APK


  • Android Studio
  • Android
  • AdMob Account
  • Play Store Account


  • Unzip Project File
  • Open Project File On Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Change UI Design Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Image For Reskin.
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