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Color Lines - Complete Unity Game With AdMob Ads

This is complete Unity source code with implemented AdMob ads.

Test it here (WebGL).

Or download test apk file and test it on your android device.


This game is compatible for android, iOS, WebGL, PC and many other platforms that Unity supports.

Interstitial and Banner AdMob ads are implemented in this project. All you need to do is to:

  • Go to Assets - > Google Mobile Ads -> Settings and put your app id (from your AdMob console) there.
  • Open the script "Menus.cs" and put you interstitial ad id on line 73 for android, line 75 for iOS, and banner ad id on line 58 for android, line 60 iOS.

Rules of the game are very simple:

- Arrange five or more balls of the same color to destroy them.
- Balls can be arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally
- To move the ball click on it to select, then tap on an empty tile to move it.
- Balls can be moved only if there is a path available
- 5 Arranged balls = 5 points, 6 balls = 11 points, 7 balls = 18 points, 8 balls = 26, 9 balls = 35 points

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