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Infinite Loop - Unity Hyper Casual Game With AdMob

Test it here (WebGL)

Or download test apk file and test it on your android device

This project have integrated interstitial and rewarded AdMob ads.

To setup the ads follow these steps:

  • Go to Assets - > Google Mobile Ads -> Settings and put your app id (from your AdMob console) there.
  • Open the script "Menus.cs" and put your rewarded ad id on line 68 and your interstitial ad id on line 80 for android and on line 82 for iOS.

Ball circles in the infinite loop. Spikes and stars are randomly spawning in front of the ball. Your main goal is to avoid spikes as long as you can. As the game progresses it becomes harder and harder. Collect the stars and use them to buy new balls in the shop menu.



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