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WordPress Auto Backup Restore


Wordpress Auto Back Up:


This security plugin detects and backups current WordPress database and WP-CONTENT folder with all its contents(themes, plugins, ...) without native themes. Then it sends them to email inbox that's registered in admin interface.

This done automatically in function to frequency time that is adjusted in admin interface.

Without need to backup them manually every time, these backup made when visitor access to your site web pages or when you access to your Wordpress administrator interface.

So this plugin useful in case you have loosed or modified your databases or WP contents either deleted accidentally or hacked. So you have a chance 100% to recover them safely.



Browsers compatibility



Mozilla FireFox. 


Google Chrome. 


Internet Explorer. 


Opera Mini . 


Safari . 

Wordpress version compatibility

  • Wordpress v3.1
  • Wordpress v3.2
  • Wordpress v3.3
  • Wordpress v3.4
  • Wordpress v3.5
  • Wordpress v3.6
  • Wordpress v3.7
  • Wordpress v3.8
  • Wordpress v3.9
  • Wordpress v4.0
  • Wordpress v4.1
  • Wordpress v4.2
  • Wordpress v4.2.3
  • Wordpress v4.4.2 and below
  • Wordpress v4.6.1 and below

Plugin advantages:


Automatic back up to Email inbox. 


Manual back up to Email inbox. 


Manual databases restore . 


Setting adjusting (frequency backup time, Email address change). 


Administrator interface manipulation. 


List all current Wordpress Database Tables. 

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