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WordPress 2 Step Verification With Instant Security App

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Are you struggling with your WordPress developed website?
Are you facing security threats with your e-commerce website?

"Don't feel hopeless!"

We are introducing Instant Security App developed by Akhaura Info Foundation. A 1-2-3 easy WordPress plugin with high secure SSL encryption technology. RSA 4096 Key supported SSL signed by GeoTrust® insures that your login form is protected with strength and security. The SSL encrypted token verifies every small thing that matters. Providing: Server Authentication / Browser Monitoring / Time Validation.

All of these factors incorporates your needs for maintaining careful security threat protection. This SSL engine will reject unwanted and unwarranted Robot requests to your login forms. Feel the security offered by GeoTrust® with Instant Security App.

Instant Security App also comes with an unpredictable 2 step verification. Verify your access using your cellphone or email account. Once you have passed the SSL security engine, you will be asked for the SMS verification code on your cellphone number that was used when you installed the Instant Security App. As a Security backup you can get your verification code by Email address as well. Just imagine total WordPress security in the palm of your hand. Now it's time to relax and put your cellphone on silent while you are sleeping!

WordPress is the easiest and most installed CMS in the world. This open source Content Management System is used by thousands of people worldwide. WordPress is the reason that people are creating personal and business websites. However security still remains a crisis for WordPress users, because everyday thousands of WordPress developed websites are being hacked by hackers. The users don't have many options so they repair their sites just to be hacked again by someone else.

Security analysis says, 80% of WordPress websites are being hacked due to lower secure Login forms. Any proxy rotating robot can bruteforce (trying with various guessing passwords) and obtain your WordPress password easily so they could potentially cause chaos and destruction to your life through your website.

All of the above is the reason we created this useful application. 

This purchase comes with 50 daily free text SMS messages and plugin for a single user WordPress installation. For multi users please contact us.

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