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Pharmacy Management System

I have developed this pharmacy management system using php laravel framework, javaScript/jQuery and bootstrap.It is developed for pharmacy store where medicines are sold by pharmacist and invoice can be generated.It have two dashboard panel one for admin another for pharmacist. In admin panel admin can add pharmacist/admin, delete pharmacist/admin and edit the profile.In Pharmacist dashboard there is a chart which shows the expired and valid medicines. Furthermore, Pharmacist can add,delete,update the medicines also can check the validity of medicine in medicine validity check tab. In modify medicine tab pharmacist can modify the medicines by putting the medicine id in input search field and hit enter then medicine will be fetched with that particular medicine id.In sell medicine tab when pharmacist put the medicine in cart then the quantity will be deducted from that particular table, for example, there is xyz medicine in database with quantity 250 and pharmacist want to add that medicine in cart with quanity of 50 then that medicine's quantity will be 200 in database and 50 quantity will be added in cart and if Pharmacist want to delete that medicines from that cart then that medicine's quantity will be added in the database and new quantity will be 250.Moreover, Pharmacist can add multiple medicines in cart with quantites then if he enter the purchase and print button the invoice will be generated in pdf with total price. For demo checking the credentials of admin and pharmacist are given below Link of Project:
username for admin: password for admin: admin123 username for pharmacist: password for pharmacist: 1234

Appreciated on January 3rd, 2023

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