News.NET CMS (Webform .NET Framework)

News.NET CMS Is news content management system, Create your own newspaper magazine website with this code source, you can create a news website very easily, add or edit/delete articles, categories, comments, pages, users and website settings (mailserver, site language french, english), change personalize apearance such as logo, favorite ico, menu categories, social media links, website and footer texte.

Admin panel available in 2 languages french, english

Demo Links:


User: administrator
Pass: 654321

News.NET CMS Features

  • Speed up web development
  • Easy to customize for developers
  • Responsive BackEnd and FrontEnd
  • User Management
  • FrontEnd Statistics
  • Add/Edit/Delete Articles
  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories
  • Text Editor (TinyMCE)
  • Add/Edit/Delete Pages
  • Website Settings

System Requirements

  • Windows
  • IIS7 OR +
  • .Net framework 4 OR +
  • Sql Server 2008 OR +


  • Unzip Solution
  • Open in visual studio 2012 or + (VS 2019 Best)
  • Change Connection string of database
  • Restore Database script to mssql server
  • Run It
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