Multilanguage Site Settings

By default, OpenCart does not provide multilingual support for store name, descriptions, contacts, and other fields. This module adds the capability to make the following store settings fields multilingual:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Tag Description
  • Meta Tag Keywords
  • Store Name
  • Store Owner
  • Address
  • Geocode
  • E-Mail
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Image
  • Opening Time
  • Comment
  • Store Logo
  • Icon

Now, all these data can be multilingual and displayed in the store based on the user-selected language. OpenCart does not have this feature by default, but this module allows it.

Languages are managed as tabs on the store settings page. Language tabs are not mandatory (there is a "Default" tab that serves as a common default language). However, if each language is filled separately, the system will retrieve data from these fields for each language accordingly.

The module does not have its own additional table and utilizes the standard settings table.

The module installation is compatible with the following OpenCart versions:

  • 2.1.x
  • 2.3.x
  • 3.x.x

Installation steps:

• Upload the module archive via "Extension Installer."
• Click "Refresh" in the Modifications tab.

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