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EnglishDico is a PHP  dictionary script that uses the free API to get definitions of words. It also incorporates a database where users can add and manage their own custom definitions that may not be provided by the API. 

With this new version of the script, we have an admin panel for managing custom definitions, pages and site settings.

If a definition is present in both the database and API, the two will be displayed on the definition page. It can therefore display definition details from API only, both API and database or database definition only.

For every Word you check, this script will automatically generate the corresponding page saved in your storage (no database) as a PHP file. 

Admin demo:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin1234


  1. Admin panel
  2. Add and edit page from admin
  3. Config site settings from the admin panel
  4. Set ad code from admin panel
  5. Custom definitions with option to edit and delete
  6. Suggested definitions on definition page
  7. Build using PHP and designed with Tailwind CSS
  8. Easy to install and customise
  9. Responsive
  10. SEO-ready
  11. Automatically generates definition pages
  12. Breadcrumb to ease navigation
  13. Automatic sitemap


  1. A domain name
  2. Hosting (shared hosting is enough)
  3. PHP 8.1 and above


To use this script, you will have to install it on a shared hosting or any other hosting like VPS. A domain name is required to install.

You can install it on the root domain, subdomain or subdirectory.

Please, delete the register.php file inside the admin folder after installation.

No special coding knowledge is required to install and customise this script

Appreciated on May 4th, 2024

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