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Emoji Hand Book PHP Script

Introducing EmojiHandBook, a PHP emoji handbook for getting the meaning behind the yellow icons! EmojiHandBook offers a seamless browsing experience with powerful filtering and customization options, ensuring users have access to a diverse library of expressive icons. This script is purely PHP, has no database, or admin panel and Bootstrap is used for the styling. 

Emoticons help convey emotions and tone in text-based communication, where facial expressions and gestures are absent. They provide nuance and context, making messages clearer and more expressive. Also, they help build emotional connections between individuals by adding warmth, empathy, and understanding to conversations. They can lighten the mood, express empathy, or show appreciation.

For these reasons and many others, EmojiHandBook is here to offer a quick and easy way to get access to emoji information. This should help you understand the meaning behind each emoji icon before using them.


  1. Dynamic Emoji Display:  EmojiHandBook dynamically showcases a vast array of expressive icons, ensuring users have access to the latest and most diverse emoji library.
  2. Interactive Filtering: Our intuitive homepage interface allows users to filter emojis by type, enabling them to quickly find the perfect icon to convey their message.
  3. Elegant Mega Menu: Navigate with ease! Our sleek mega menu design provides seamless access to different emoji categories and features, enhancing user experience and engagement.
  4. Live Emoji Search: Find emojis instantly! EmojiHandBook features a live search functionality, allowing users to instantly locate emojis by typing keywords, streamlining the browsing process.
  5. Comprehensive Emoji Pages: Explore the world of emojis! EmojiHandBook offers dedicated category and tag pages, providing organized access to themed emoji collections for added convenience.
  6. Emoji Single Page: Dive deeper into emojis! Each emoji comes with its dedicated page, offering options to copy the emoji, discover similar ones, and access code points in HTML, JS, and CSS formats for seamless integration into projects.
  7. SEO: The script is SEO-optimized with SEO-friendly URLs and appropriate meta tags
  8. Clean and simple design
  9. Responsive
  10. Ad spaces
  11. Easy installation



  1. Hosting (shared hosting is enough)
  2. The server should have PHP 7.4x and above
  3. Domain name of Subdomain


Installing this script is super simple:

  1. Download the script after the purchase
  2. Extract it, read the documentation
  3. Upload the to your domain or subdomain root
  4. Extract it
  5. Perform necessary customisations

More detailed installation instructions can be found in the script file.

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