PHP Scripts

jQuery based Ajax Contact Form which coded with PHP to verify & send message. It can be integrated in HTML or PHP pages of the websites that run on Apache Server.

It uses just one file to Validate, Process and Send the completed contact form to your e-mail address and a Direct Message notification to your Twitter account without reloading the page to validate or send the form.

Features included:

  • Responsive design
  • Ajax powered (no page reloads). Save your bandwidth!
  • Instantly notifies you via the Twitter Direct Message API as well as via E-Mail
  • Uses Javascript jQuery Fade transition
  • Very easy to integrate into any existing HTML or PHP page on your website.
  • The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet or you can use the Default Style
  • All fields have a validation script so you get the * required info you need
  • Improved Anti Spam " Captcha ", are you human? verification
  • Replace included verification words with your own via PHP
  • Only name-e-maill address options to configure to make the script work properly
  • Integrated Ajax Javascript Error notification , if fields aren't correct or incomplete
  • Uses standard PHP server features for a no-extra installation (phpMailer & Curl)
  • You can customize e-mail subject, message from contact page
  • Phone number input with digit validation
  • Help file is included

Server Requirements:

SupportsĀ  PHP 7.x .

Can be tweaked/modified once purchased if you know the PHP language.
Does not require and CGI includes, everything functions within one PHP file, 1 Javascript File and 1 CSS Stylesheet.

Appreciated on May 9th, 2012
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