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Can I use the forums if I am not a member of CodeGrape?

In order to participate on the forums you must join CodeGrape. Joining CodeGrape is quick and easy, and will give you access to everything CodeGrape has to offer including forums, competitions and more.

Can I purchase items if I am not a member of CodeGrape?

You must have an account to purchase items on CodeGrape. You can sign up for a CodeGrape account for free by filling out a simple form and agreeing to our standard terms of access.

What are bookmarks/collections?

Bookmarks are a section of your account where you can store files that you want to remember or 'bookmark'.

You can either bookmark miscellaneous files to refer to later, or create collections of bookmarks. These collections can either be private so only you can see them, or public if you want anyone to be able to view them.

Collections can be used to store files for specific projects, showcase your work, or profile themed file collections.

Why can't I view a file or author page that I've viewed before?

A file or author page may be removed for a few reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • The author has deleted a file or their account.
  • The file has been disabled by CodeGrape because it needs to be updated or improved for some reason.
  • The file has been disabled because it is under investigation for copyright violation.

The file is gone? Why can't I load this page, it use to be there?

This maybe due to a few reasons, for example:

  • The author has decided to delete the file from CodeGrape.
  • The file has been disabled due to problem with the file.
  • The file has been disabled for copyright reasons.
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