Product Issues

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Can I get a refund on my Item?

We do not refund unless Item:

  • is malfunctioning or corrupt
  • item does not match what Item description claims

I am having problems downloading a file.

If the file you have purchased is not downloading for one reason or another, please contact support. Please include the file name and a link to the item page, as well as your member name.

What should I do if I can't open a file I have purchased?

We have had some issues with users downloading files which appear 'corrupt'. This is to do with the method of archival used. If you experience this problem you can try using WinRAR or StuffIt to extract the file or contact support for assistance.

I've lost a file I downloaded previously, can I download it again?

Yes, a log of all your downloads is stored on the Downloads page. Once logged in, click on "Your Account" and then the "Downloads" tab. You can visit this page at any time and download previously purchased files.

The file I downloaded is incompatible with my software.

It is your responsibility to check compatibility of the file you are downloading. File types are listed and you should consider this information prior to downloading.

However should the file compatibility not be as stated on the item page, please contact support and state the file name and number that you are purchasing as well as the compatibility issue you are experiencing. We will happily refund in the event that a file is not working or is mislabeled.

I need help to modify an Item I purchased. Do you provide support for individual Items?

Sorry, we do not provide support for individual Items. You will need to contact the author directly on the Item page. On each individual item page we provide users with the ability to leave comments and feedback for the author. You can also try messaging the forums about your issue. There are many members who are willing to provide assistance.

However if the Item is malfunctioning or corrupt, please contact support.

The author of the Item I purchased is not answering my questions. What can I do?

Items are purchased as is. While we encourage authors to provide free support, authors are not required to do so. We do however try to give the buyer a good description of the Item and also check that the Item meets our site standards.

What issues are related with Items including PHP scripts?

We check PHP files. We do not allow PHP to be run on CodeGrape server and we do not check PHP code. If the Item contains any code, we checked them for quality purposes.

Buyers need to be familiar with common PHP security issues. There are several sources of information on this area.

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