Who we are?

We are a team specialized in growing online and local businesses. We offer various products and services that aim to increase the sales and visitors of your business, regardless of current status or revenues.

Our Mission

Our mission started in 2016 and this is to help anyone, either with a personal site or a company, to broaden their audience and reach their goals. For each problem we have a solution ready. If you are at the beginning with your business, competitors can become a problem. We are ready to help you enter the desired market quickly through specialized products to grow your site in the search engines as well as promoting smart on social sites. Even when your business is already doing well, we have countless examples of situations in which we can help you. When entering a new domain you must pay attention to the expenses you make and we have prepared services to save resources and minimize the expenses for promotion. 

What makes us special?

From the beginning, we've been thinking about those who want to collaborate with us for the long term, and for this we are available at With us you can create a lasting business environment.

Support hub

Working Hours : (UTC-4) 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Monday - Friday) 

Personal License

If you have problems regarding the activation of the license please contact us at We use a licensing system to fight against piracy. We are not selling CodeGrape products outside of CodeGrape Market. Any site / company that try to do that should be reported through a mail to us.


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