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Workway - Employee and Task Management System

Workway is an employee management system that enables you keep the important employee information in one place. Most companies around the world still use physical files to keep employee details and important records. This method is outdated, unreliable, not readily available and sometimes innacurate.

Workway is designed with these challenges in mind. While Workway enables you keep employee information, it enables you keep a digital footprint of everyday employee tasks, user activities, file management, leave applications, company events, important announcements and you can group and manage employees based on your company departments and designations.

Your employees also get a use the system through an employee's portal.

Below are some of Workway's features:

Workway Features

  • Employee Database: This is an integral part in every business. Workway enables you to keep basic employee information as well as employment details. These include when the employee was employed, department and their designation.
  • Department & Designation management: This feature enables you to create and manage the different company departments and designations as well as grouping your employees repectively.
  • Task Scheduling: Task scheduling is an important part of every organization. Workway allows companies to create task schedules and monitor them. This features helps organizations track employee activity and has a beautiful layout to display all tasks. Users can view the tasks in a list or the Kanban concept.
  • Employee Portal: Once employees are added, they receive login credentials which they can use to login to the system and perform everyday operations within the system. These include applying for leave, managing tasks, managing files and managing their own profiles.
  • File Management: Organizations have different files for different purposes. Workway enables employees to upload and manage files within the system.
  • Leave management: Employee leave applications can be a headache, especially for medium and large organizations. Workway gives you a simple platform to manage the different types of leave, as well as accepting and rejecting applications from employees.
  • Events management: Events scheduling is an important part of every organization. Workway allows companies to create and manage events. This features helps employees organiza themselves and plan their days in time. The users can view the events in a list as well as a beautiful calendar to display and organize all events.
  • Digital Noticeboard: Companies often need to pass important information to their employees. With Workway, this has been sorted out. Employees are able to view important announcements on Workway's notice feature.
  • Roles & Permissions: We take pride in this feature since it enables the system administrator to define which employees can access which features within the system.
  • Stats Dashboard:Workway employee management system comes with a nice dashboard that shows you the important statistics relating to employee management and your organization.
  • Easy Customization: Customizing Workway is pretty simple. You are able to upload your own logo, app name, E-mail SMPP credentials and images that appear in the authentication pages.
  • Multi user: You can build a SaaS software with Workway since it supports multiple company accounts.
  • Beautiful and responsive UI: Workway was made with love and passion that’s why we believe it looks awesome.
  • Fast processing speed: Workway is fast with clean modifiable code written in PHP with the MVC model.
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