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Spam Protection Is VERY Important For A Website. WordPress Site Also. This Wordpress Plugin Has That Feature To Protect Spams. Its Generates Math Calculator Captcha Which Protects Your Website From Spam Bot, BRUTE force login & More. It Generates Math Captcha & you have to answer them & then you Will Get the Access To Registration,login & Comment Page.


  • This plugin protects registration, login and comment forms from spambots by adding a simple math question. Like 3+3=?
  • This approach should give you 100% anti-spam protection to your sites.
  • This Plugin Sets TO The Login & Registration Areas Which Can Peotect Brute Force Login Attempt.
  • It's Very Easy, Friendly To Use & Secured.

Requirements: WordPress 2.1 +

Fell Free To Ask Any Questions Or Suggestion If You Have. Thanks!

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