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WooCommerce Adding Order from FrontEnd

If you want to your employees/vendors/customers create orders but don't want them to access the dashboard, this is the best solution for you - add order from frontend for WooCommerce.

Frontend Demo (right click and open in new tab): here

add order frontend

Simply install the plugin, insert the shortcode into the post or anywhere, a form will appear with full fields and functions.

Very easy and convenient, if there are any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Version: 1.1 – Last updated: 2022, Apr 27

Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x, WooCommerce 4.x, WooCommerce 5.x, WooCommerce 6.x, Wordpress 3.x, Wordpress 4.x, Wordpress 5.x

Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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