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- Before buying this script, check that your server has the necessary requirements.
- We will try to answer your messages as soon as possible. *remember we are human, sometimes it may take us a while to respond, due to personal problems

Earn money passively while you sleep, just by sharing your referral link

"View faucet list" is a script made entirely in php, which will allow you to have a site with the best referral sites and earn money from your referrals. *only for faucetpay.


  • - Responsive Bootstrap 5.1.
  • - Use faucet list API, from faucetpay. *Updates once an hour.
  • - Option to hide faucets from the list.
  • - Modify scores to personal taste.
  • - Create your own lists of recommended sites.
  • - Add your own referrer URLS.


  • - MySqli
  • - cURL
  • - PHP 8.0+
  • - Have "short tags" enabled in php
  • - FaucetPay Account


follow the instructions inside or send us a message.

Appreciated on January 29th, 2023

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