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Ultimate Material PHP & AJAX Contact Form

Ultimate Material PHP & AJAX Contact Form

Built with the latest technologies and stunning edge design.

Ultimate Material Form is a Material Design inspired, full AJAX functionality, PHP powered, fully responsive and anti-spam protected Contact Form, based on latest Angular Material.
Ready to be installed on your server (follow the five minutes setup guide) and also ready to completely customized or continue development with Gulp workflow integration, bower and composer dependencies integration.

Awesome Features list

  • very easy to install (5 minutes quick setup guide)
  • material design and translucent form with image background
  • full AJAX funcionality
  • inline and instant field validation
  • built-in customizations
    - form title and subtitle
    - form label strings
    - success message Title, content and button
  • full responsive, mobile friendly
  • works in all major browsers
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 integrated
  • notification and auto-reply email delivery
  • responsive HTML email templates for notifications
  • easily background image change
  • email setup options
    - SMTP account
    - Mailgun API
    - PHP mail()
  • CDN hosted libraries integration ready
  • AngularJS frontend powered
  • PHP Lumen (by Laravel) backend powered
  • full customizable, clean and well commented code
    - Bower managed frontend dependencies
    - Gulp workflow implementation
    - Composer managed PHP dependencies
    - follows Angular style guide by John Papa
  • full online documentation

Server requirements

- PHP 5.5.9+ (with OpenSSL and Mbstring extensions)

Installation requirements

- Google reCAPTCHA keys (free service)
- Mailgun API key (optional)

Browser Support

- Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, Microsoft Edge

Core Libraries

Ultimate Material Form is based on AngularJS framework in the frontend, PHP Lumen (by Laravel) on the backend and many other third party libraries. Frontend dependencies are managed with bower. Backend dependencies are managed with composer.

This is the full list:

  • AngularJS by Google
  • Angular Material by Google
  • Angular Recaptcha by VividCortex
  • Lumen by Laravel
  • Google reCAPTCHA service

Support & Bug Reporting

We've published online a full detail documentation with a 5 minutes Quick Setup and development resources and workflow.

For your support requests, please send us an email to . We will get back to you within 48 hours in working days. Your request will be queued so please be patient and give us as much information as possible so we can quickly address and find a solution to your issue.

If you find a bug with our product, we want to know about it straight away. We’ll fix it in a timely fashion and update the product as soon as possible. If you are having problems getting the product working or have modified the code, we can offer help, but it may be chargeable at $50/hr.

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