The Architect - Responsive HTML Template

The Architect - Responsive architectural website template primarily based on HTML5 and CSS3. The template provides multipurpose use functionality therefore, it can be utilized by Architects, Interior Designers, Civil engineers or builders owning construction firm for their websites as well as for any other categories of the website. Exceptionally built with Bootstrap 4 and jQuery, “The Architect” provides a wide range of features that can be explored with the live demo.

The template is inspired by artistic triangular architecture designs and also comes with customizable styles. It additionally consists of smooth hover animations and stupendous icons which makes it captivating. 

There are 2 versions available- Standard and Advance. Let’s explore what the templates have to offer:

The Standard version consists of 8 web pages- The Home Page, the About Page, the Contact Page, the Services Page which consists of subsections, and the Works Page which also consists of subsections. The home page provides an overview of what is your website about along with the services you provide and the projects you have completed. The About Page can provide the user an insight into your company through the testimonials and the specific features of your company or business. The Contact page comprises how a user can contact you, it includes location, contact number, work email, and also direct message feature available. Next coming up is the Services Page which contains subsections but mostly can be used to describe the services you offer. Lastly, the Works Page, which also consists of subsections, can be utilized to give details regarding the work or projects you have completed.

The Advance version differs from the Standard version for its breathtaking animations and creative triangular design used to depict each page. The number of pages and the imaginable content for the pages is the very same as in the Standard version but as described the beguiled design of the Advance version makes it desirable.

You can customize the template as you like or as per your need, you can edit fonts or buttons as you find likable. Customizable templates drag it a step further than the standard templates, allowing you to alter the template structure and details to be suitable for your project's needs. The template is designed as fully responsive across all devices. A fully responsive website will customize itself to look after the user experience and look and feel across all devices with no exasperating zooming, scrolling, or resizing. These days what all web users look for is consistency and a dignified User Experience (UX), and they will eliminate if your site isn't fully responsive.

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