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Student Result Checker


Students result checkers is a complete script that will enable any institution's students to check their results online.


  • The card pin can be used only for 5times or change and is unique.
  • There is admin page in which the student results can be entered in csv at backend.
  • The scratch card will be automatically generated once you upload the pin no and serial no in the database, your own is just to cut it out and cover the pin area with your scratchable foil and sell it to the student that will access the portal to check their result.
  • You can track the card pin usage.
  • You can edit it anyhow to suit your needs. like me, I used this same script for one department in one Nigerian university.
  • Lastly you can control the price of each scratch card you will be selling out.

You can watch the student result checker's demo here :


You can test the student result checker's demo here :

You can use this student info below:

student ID : 006

semester: First semester

Session: 2015/2016

You can use this scratch card info below:

card pin : 3333333333

card serial : 444444444444

N.B:  you can create  new card pin ,serial no and add any student results at admin page

Login to admin at :

admin username : user

admin password : pass

Appreciated on August 7th, 2015

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