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Starcafe - Online Food Ordering System

Starcafe is a single stall merchant system, which provides online ordering facility for your customers. Starcafe is made for SMEs those are relevant to food and ecommerce business. As we know technology moving very fast, and most of the customers are already switched to digitalization as online orders.

We understand the shortage of software supply to SMEs , also we understand time and cost of software development. Many SMEs are looking for digital products as like online ordering systems but SMEs primary factory is cost i.e they should afford a software for low cost.

Thats that reason we brought a new readymade software called “starcafe” – a single store ordering system, now every SME can afford starcafe at very low cost. Here you can save money and time both in same time.

We believe  starcafe is right fit for your needs in terms of accepting online orders by accepting online/offline payments. Starcafe is a innovative product from Starsys Technologies (base in US).


Why Starcafe?

There might be other softwares which can handle online orders. But Starcafe is a unique product which is quite fit for Food & ecommerce business. In few points we will define why you need Starcafe?

  • As a SME you can save money & valuable time
  • Your business growth with our product - in terms of accepting online sales
  • Quality and efficiency –  We are giving 100% assure for product quality and efficiency, and we are sure you will be quite satisfy with our product
  • Easy Installation & Setup – We will help to setup product when you go for enterprise license
  • Professional support by us when you seek any help regarding product we are always open to accept your requests.

Industries - Perfect match 

  • All food industries (e.g. Restaurants, Cafe, Mini Marts, Grocery, Hawker Stalls etc)
  •  Life Style  & Fashion (e.g. Online clothing sale, Online Cosmotic sale etc)
  • Motor  & Tourism (e.g. Online spare parts sales, Online tourism package sales etc)




Stall Owner






Short Description





Stall admin can access dashboard using stall admin’s email and password




·       Summary

·       Pending Orders

·       Processing Orders

·       Completed Orders

·       Cancelled Orders

·       View All





Using orders module you can control all customer orders those are in pending, processing, completed, cancelled.

Every order status will be notified to customer accordingly

When cancelled any order by you, as a stall owner you have to process refunds accordingly (if payment made by online)

Stall owner can see quick summary of orders from summary section



Food Management

·       Menus 

·       Items

·       Addons

·       Options

Using Food  Management module you can control all menus and items, Addons, Options accordingly

Before you create any item you have to ensure that you already prepared Menus and Addons/Options sections, since these list will be link up with items.

The menus and items will appear to customers from customer portal, based on menu/items pricing customer can choose desired item and proceed to checkout by adding items in cart system




·       Create

·       All Promotions

Using promotions module you can create promotion packages, which will be available for customers at customer portal.

Promotions can be setup with expire datetime. i.e non expired promos can be listed and processed by customers (as customer order).

If any promotion is expired cart system will not allowed to add.

Promotion is mapped us with items.








·       Summary

·       Today Sales

·       Sales by Date range

Sales module allow store owner to track down the sales orders as by today and/or date range





·       Create

·       View All

Coupon module help to create store coupons as with flat value or % based.

A coupon also can set a expire date along with unique codes.

Coupons also can set a min.order value

Coupons are available for customers to get order discounts

Expired coupons will not allowed to use






This module help to capture all customer ratings followed by orders

As a stall owner you can contact directly customer (if required) to improve services.




This module will capture all customer those are placed order/s from this stall.

It will also show you how many orders and what is the  total order value with respective customer

You can also see the order details




This module help to send personal notifications to respective customer with rich text editors

Stall owner can also check customer’s notification read/unread status





Quick CMS

The CMS module helps to control customer site content for below links  with rich text editor

ü  Home (banner content)

ü  About Us content

ü  Terms & Conditions

ü  Privacy Policy

ü  Reach Us







·       General Settings

·       Payment Gateway

·       SMTP & notifications

·       Taxes & Delivery

·       Logo and background image

This module helps to control stall settings including payment gateway.

General settings are about product basic details, you can update as per your stall

Payment gateway handles both stripe and paypal payments, you have to register with stripe and paypal before configure here

SMTP and notifications- for SMTP you can refer installation_configuration document, for email notifications you can control based on status

You can also control taxes and delivery, logo, banner images here




·       Change Password

·       Logout

This module helps to handle changing your account password, and store logout



Top bar Search

At the top left (next to logo) you have additional quick search , to search respective order by order no.



Quick links at footer

·       Notifications

·       Ratings

This links helps you to nagivate to respective modules quickly



Popup Alerts

For all modules those are in CRUD (Create/read/update/delete) capable, will be showing instant alerts based on action



Forgot password

Incase store owner forget his/her password using forgot password module you can easily recover it.









Short Description





Home page – this is your stall home as customers facing site.

Where you can see main banner along with Popular menus and popular items





About Us

You can control about us content from stall dashboard from Quick CMS. Its all about your stall







Reach Us

You can manage your contact address along with google map from Quick CMS (backend), its about your location/address



Terms & Conditions

You can control this page from Quick CMS (from backend), and its all about what are the terms & conditions where custoemers have to comply with you



Privacy Policy

Its about site privacy policy content, similar to above pages you can manage this page from Quick CMS (from backend)



Social Media Links

You can manage social media links from account settings from stall backend



Menus & Promotions

Customers can see your store menu/items from this section. This section you can control from backend at “Food Management “ and “Promotions” module



Cart System

To place online orders customer can add above menu/promotional items to cart and proceed to checkout for payment.

Cart system can holds items temporarily for 15 mins from system,  if respective cart items not going to a sale order then it will clear automatically by system

Cart system can handles

·       Taxes & Discounts

·       Delivery Charges (if any)

·       Coupons

·       Multiple payment methods (Cash/Paypal/Stripe)




Customers can apply coupons at cart checkout. The coupons you can manage from store backend at “Coupons” module

Based on coupon parameters customer will get discounts against orders









Short Description





Customer can logon customer dashboard by registering with your store ,

For login customer need to enter valid email/password, for logout they need to click on logout link




Customers can register with your store at customer registration area, as you will be collecting below base information during registration

·       Customer name

·       Customer email

·       Password

·       Phone no

All customers sholud read your terms & conditions before registrations and click on accept checkbox.








Customer dashboard comes with quick info about orders and menus

·       Total sales

·       Total sales order value

·       Total pending orders

·       Latest orders and its status

·       Last login along with quick navigational links




As a customer they can see all orders placed by him/her at “orders” module at latest to old sorting.

Each orders will brief you below key points

·       Order status

·       Order datetime

·       Ordered from

·       Order payment mode

·       Order coupon

·       Order type (e.g. delivery,self pickup, dine in)

·       Order basic details (items details)

·       Cancel order (only allows when order status in pending, cash payment methods)






Customers are permitted to share their order review with below key elements



·       Review title

·       Description

·       Order rating (out of 5 stars)






Customer can check their private notifications from this section, when they read the message by default a acknowledge will be sending to stall owner




Customers can update profile information from this section like

·       Delivery address

·       Home address

·       Phone no

·       City & Pincode



Change password

Customer can change their account password from this module, new password will be validated against old one and perform changes accordingly.



Forgot password

If customer forget his/her password this module helps to recover their password via email token link





Changes in .env file is important, details are given in installation document. Please follow the document accordingly.


Customer login

Customer Register


Store Owner/admin login

"For demo accounts please visit our demo site"

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