SocialWeb Application

SocialWeb is a complete social network application. SocialWeb makes it very simple to create a new social network.

SocialWeb is written by using MVC and jquery technology. Once you had socialweb you will get interface, backend, webapi and db sources. What you need to do is just create your database, run the scripts, configure your mvc project. And then publish the project, that is all :) You can easily modify.

By using webApi you can even create mobile version asap. It has almost everything that a social network needs.


  • It has a timeline where posts are listed. You can like, comment, share posts on timeline.
  • You can write anything to share, once you pasted a link the system will get link details including images from the link. You may choose any image from the list. And when you pasted youtube,vimeo or dailymotion video then the video will be embedded to the post.
  • It has my wall which lists your posts and your shares. Also when you visit a member you can see their posts and shares.
  • It has profile page which enables you to edit your personal and social network info. Also you can see a list of your friends. By clicking other members profile you can send friendship requests.
  • It has notifications page , which lets you see who liked,shared or commented on your post. You can easily navigate to person or post.
  • It has friends page. On this page you can see friendship request and you can accept or reject them. And you can see a list of your friends with some info.
  • Messages page lets you message with your friends. You can start conversation or message anytime. Once anyone sent you a message you will be notified. On messages page once you started a conversation, your friends message will appear immediately once he/she wrote something. So that you can chat as a chatting application.
  • News Feed will tell what is going on right now.
  • Project is written by using jquery, javascript, mvc webapi so that the project will run fast and work perfectly.
  • Now start creating your social network.
Appreciated on May 9th, 2016

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