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Smarty Pass - Personal Digipass PHP, Android

What is this?

Smarty Pass is a personal digipass for additional security of any PHP-enabled systems.

You can use it on the login page, access to any page or information.
In order to pass verification, we provide an application for iOS(coming soon) and Android, when you first open the application, you set up the site url, after which you will have a button to generate a one-time code

Installation and setup is easy:

  1. Insert 1 line of code on the page you want to disable from public access
  2. install our program on your smartphone
  3. that's all!


  • Control website security
  • Easy install
  • iOS (coming soon), Android apps
  • One file PHP script
  • Beautiful design
  • Dynamic http request
  • php 5.6, php 7+ support
  • Best price (3 in one)

How does it work?

After purchase, you will have access to the files:

  • 1 php script for php 7+ (+php 5.6)
  • 1 Android app

that's all.

Now you can open SmartyPass app, click on Get Code and enter it on your website


Version 1 (07/07/2021)

  1. First public version
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