Sleekstyle Pricing Tables

Sleekstyle Pricing Table(s) is a stylish and sleek set of pricing tables which are formatted in 3 and 4 columns with 6 different colour-schemes. With Sleekstyle Pricing Table(s) they're responsive to your webpage and have a clean flat layout and styling which looks aesthically pleasing on other smaller devices such as mobiles, tablets, notepads etc.


  • A full-quick and easy documentation for the installation
  • Full HTML/CSS templates
  • No JavaScript / Pure CSS3 Animations
  • 3 Column OR 4 Column Layouts
  • 6 Different Colours
  • Responsive Design / Flat Design
  • Full product support (see documentation for more information)


Version 1.0.1 [24/11/2014]

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0 [23/11/2014]

  • Initial release of Sleekstyle Pricing Tables.
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