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This script can be used to easily backup or download all data from your server. It consists of 2 parts - one to backup the files and one to dump th database from your server. In the basic setup you have to setup almost nohting to get started. For more advanced users the script allows to customize what to backup - which files to exclude, which tables to include, where to save the backup file etc. Every option is configurable also via URL parameters, so you can set up everything on the fly.


  • backup all files as a ZIP archive from the server
  • dump whole MySQL database as a zipped SQL file
  • single script file for easy use
  • easy functions for configuring the script
  • security token, to prevent unauthorized use
  • mass setup of params in one function (can be used to get params form URL)
  • can be used separatly only for file or DB backup
  • various output options (save file on server, return string, download instantly)
  • advanced feautures (excluding directories,tables,setting output type...)
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