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Sales Management System

Sales Management System: Efficiently track, analyze, and optimize sales with our intuitive Sales Management System app., Record incoming and outgoing products, Follow up on inventory quantities, and Generate Dynamic Reporting Analytics of monthly sales, profits, and losses.

- Do you want to add an unlimited number of products?
- Do you want to extract the data and print it?
- Do you want to link products to customers and suppliers?
- Do you want to calculate expenses, payments, profits and losses?
- Do you want to create reports for all transactions and stock movements?
- Do you want to know the best sales, the best items, and the best customers monthly?
- Do you want ease of payments and ease of transfers?
- Do you want data security and login security?
- Do you want to add your signature and company logo to all documents?
- Do you want ease of navigating between screens and ease of updating data?
- This system provides your company with an intelligent system that meets your needs and more

Yes, the Point of Sales System allows you to add an unlimited number of products, extract and print data, link products to customers and suppliers, and calculate expenses, payments, profits, and losses. It also creates reports for transactions and stock movements and identifies the best sales, items, and customers monthly. It ensures ease of payments and transfers, data security, and login security, and allows you to add your signature and company logo to all documents. Additionally, it offers ease of navigation between screens and updating data, providing an intelligent system that meets your company's needs and more.


- Add/Edit product information with the image.
- Create Categrey information
- Add/Edit customer and supplier information.
- Add/Edit Incoming and Outgoing information.
- Generate PDF receipt
- Print PDF File
- Open PDF receipt by external PDF readers
- Using Barcode code
- Product stock management system
- Product Stock count
- Search product
- Search Outgoing, Incoming
- Search supplier, customer
- Create an expense list.
- Add Payment method
- Add/Edit credit card
- Top Sales Items
- Top Sales Customers
- Analytics with bar/liner Chart.
- Calculate Profits/losses
- Create Debts with Date and client Data(Call, Sms, WhatApp, Email)
- Multiple Reports (Trans, Expenses, Debts, Stock Movement, Sales Monthly(client, item, date), Profits/Losses), 
- Multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic) support.
- Multiple Platforms(Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)
- Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Email.
- Animation, Responsive Design
- Register, and sign in with (Email, Google, and Facebook)
- User Profile Data
- Attractive User Interface.
- Drawer and nice Navigation
- Guide to Use App
- Create Notes
- Create Stores
- Add Company Info
- Company Info for sends (Company Logo, Company Signature)
- Tax and discount system
- Export product data into Excel(xls) file
- Export customers and suppliers data into Excel
- Export all sales data into an Excel file
- Export all expense data into an Excel file
- Pick Up Image(Gallery, Camera)
- Dark/Light Theme.
- Android 12 and newer compatible
- Programmed in Android Studio IDE - Vs code
- Development language is Flutter, dart
- Well documentation.

We added as many features as possible to make the application more effective and more aesthetic

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