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Rimtay Online - Visitor Tracker

Fast, secure real time visitor tracker with no MySQL needed. You can install it easily, no coding knowledge required.

It's custom alogrithm tracks users with ease! Only when they really see your Website.


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You can check our demo website for testing. And of course see our admin panel!


Please click here to see the demo site.

Admin Panel

Please click the link below to see the admin panel and click Login to log in instantly!

Admin Panel


  • No MySQL needed.
  • Install on any Website, even on HTML websites!
  • Fast and secure tracking system!
  • Tracks page views, only when visitor sees the page!
  • Heavy Load feature for websites have traffic more than 2K concurrently!
  • Detailed visit logs!
  • Real location data.
  • Live visitor stats, without page refresh!
  • Simple installation process! Install like installing Google Analytics!


    Initial release.
Appreciated on December 8th, 2020
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