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We are presenting you with our 2 in 1 neat and simple resume and cover letter templates for Microsoft Word. You may know that a resume is the most important tools that you need for your next job hunt. You may also know that a resume gets only 6 second to be viewed by job applicant reviewer. That is why a resume design does really matter.

Having a nice resume design that complements your great resume contents is the right decision for your next job hunt. And we have curated this resume template to help you produce a resume that will attract readers' attention.

We have prepared this resume template in 6 pre selected colors as an example. You can change the color yourself easily with the one you want.

Our resume and cover letter templates are very easy to edit with MS Word program. We build our resume templates with the program. Our target users are those who want to build or refresh their resumes without the need of any complicated programs. With MS Word, you can produce an eye catching resume that will help you to get found

Product Feature

  • Created purely with MS Word
  • All parts are editable with MS Word program

You Get

  • One file of resume template pack (.docx) [resume, cover letter, reference].
  • Instruction on how to edit

How to Edit

  • Download the file
  • Open the file with MS Word program
  • Re-save it with a new name
  • Do editing on one copy of the file
  • Save it as both pdf and docx.
  • Print the pdf or send it online

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