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Restaurant Menu Cart Payment

Restaurant menu cart payment is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a food menu and food item block inside your WordPress website with ease. This plugin is built taking input from Indian, Thai, and Chinese restaurants. It works on any well-built WordPress themes and is easy to configure. It has a shopping cart with a payment system. Almost all aspect of the menu is customizable according to the WordPress theme color and your website profile.


  • Restaurant two-column menu template.
  • Restaurant menu Gutenberg block for the pages and the posts.
  • Print the order directly to your receipt or other printers at the restaurant.
  • Online order at your Whatsapp group for your restaurant.
  • Stripe as a payment system.
  • Currencies in the system are USD, CAD, EURO, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Pound Sterling, and New Zealand Dollar.
  • Different serving portion prices and cart buttons.
  • Different serving portion calories count.
  • Customize the menu background color.
  • Customize menu title color and font size.
  • Show the spicy level of the food represented by red hot chilly where 5 is highest.
  • Customize individual food item background color.
  • Customize individual food item title and description color.
  • Customize individual food item title and description font size.
  • Add options on the food item. For example: Let your customer choose whether they want chicken, beef, or pork.
  • Control the additional cost on your provided options.
  • If the options are not adequate, you can add extra options with or without additional costs as well.
  • Change add cart button color.
  • Add the minimum order amount.
  • Add the delivery charge amount.
  • Add deliver area and county.
  • Set custom message on pickup and delivery order after checkout.
  • Customize email to the customer.
  • Select the versions of jQuery, Fontawesome, and Bootstrap to run.
  • Get an email on the order.
  • Order list for admin and privileged uses.
  • Test the system button after setting.
  • Sale amount per day Excel .xls download.
  • Set your currency symbol.
  • Easy allergens configuration and listing.
  • Hovering cart button showing the number of orders on the cart and change its font color, background, and size.
  • Auto dismissing message on click on the cart.
  • Easy shortcode for the page.
  • Error Log download for debugging.
  • Quick menu for a long menu.


  • WordPress version 5.0 and above.
  • PHP 7.0 and above.
  • Mysql version compatible with WordPress.

Demo Main Menu:

Demo Post Menu Page:

Demo Order List ( Password: demo ):

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