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Reservation Widget for uHotelBooking

The "Reservation Widget" allows your website visitors to book a room at your hotel directly from 3rd party websites. That means that the widget can be integrated to the third party
website as a widget and will be part of the third party website's DOM.

This widget provides quick and easy booking and reservation-setting options for your website users. By integrating this widget on your or other websites (3rd party sites)
with it's powerful set of features, you can benefit from management of bookings, reservations, leads generation etc. With an intuitive step by step reservation process, reservation process will be a breeze for your users..

Our reservations widgets can be used by hotels and tourism operators of all types (apartment bookings, condo reservations, villa rentals, activities, car rentals, tour reservations, etc.). They can be customized for each of yuor websites, giving travelers a consistent experience while offering advanced shopping services including interactive quotes, reservations, bookings, lead generation and direct marketing.

White labeled solution

A white labeled solution is a very important part of any product and allows it to be integrated into any existing web site without any existing code change in the web site by adding the additional chunk of code for the widget. The uHotelBooking also has the white labeled solution that can be integrated into any third party website and its web‐platform independent, i.e. the booking engine is coded in PHP, but can be integrated to any website written in .NET, JSP or any other server or client scripting language.


  • easy setup
  • may be used in 3rd party websites
  • may be used for standalone pages
  • modern and nice-looking design
  • responsive template
  • allows all operations without leaving the page


  • PHP 5.3 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • uHotelBooking script v2.5.0 or above


Widget setup is a very straight forward process:

  • Go to Hotels Management » Settings » Integration page.
  • Select the widget you want to integrate from the widgets you see on this page.
  • Copy the code below and put it in the appropriate place of your web site to get a Search Availability block.

Live Demo:

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