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Registration & Login System with SMS Phone Verification & SMS Two Factor Auth

The Registration & Phone Verification System gives you a simple out of the box solution that you can easily integrate into your PHP based system for users to register and login securely. It ensures you also collect authentic data from your customers as it comes with an SMS based phone verification system. The system comes equipped with the following features among ohters

  • International phone number validation and formatting using Google Phone Lib via inbuilt API for all mobile networks
  • Phone number verification using Twilio SMS
  • Complete user registration system with email sending (SMTP) functionality and email validation
  • Login system with SMS Two Factor Authentication (2-FA)
  • MYSQL database for data storage
  • A configuration file which makes it very easy to configure without touching the code
  • Responsive design using HTML5 and CSS and based on Bootstrap
  • Very simple clean code which is very easy to integrate into your system and easy to maintain
  • Very well documented for seamless usage

Check the demo here

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