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Website editing with Purity is easy

Creating and maintaining a professional website alone requires considerable knowledge. Hiring a company is time-consuming and costly. What to do if you need a simple but high-quality website? The easiest and fastest way is to use website template. Fill it with a content you need and that's it. Purity is a visual website editor that will help you, so the whole editing process is as clear as possible. The system does not require special skills, such as programming or design.

Use unlimited templates

Purity can work with any sites, which allows you to use thousands of ready-made templates from the Internet or use your own unique custom-made website. In any case, with the Purity visual editor, you get an unlimited level of personalization.

Optimize Images

Images, on average, occupy 70% of a page weight. With the help of the advanced compressor, you can reduce the weight of images by 85%. This will not only significantly speed up the loading of your website, but also positively affect SEO.

Functions list

  • Edit any text
  • You can edit a link text and attributes
  • Optimize, crop, resize images
  • If your site is flexible, you can add fields to a forms
  • Edit keywords, description, page titles
  • Edit multilingual sites
  • Download and delete any files using file manager
  • Edit all pages at once
  • Create new pages based on others
  • Purity website editor is protected against hacking
  • Edit PHP sites
  • Edit custom sites


After buying the system you will get the following:

To get personal credentials for Purity contact me.


Username: admin
Password: admin

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