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Fledged With Premium Features

Either small or medium company you own but your search for the ideal PHP Support System has come to an end. B1st bears all in one Support solution to help you meet your changing needs. We offer you the control, privacy, protection, and flexibility that you and your company desire and deserve. It can be integrated seamless with any HTML , PHP or ASP websites in addition to major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestshop. B1ST is not only easy-to-use but also B1ST is constantly developing every day to help clients to meet their changing needs over time.

Multiple Locale Language Files

B1ST comes with 6 built-in languages English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish & Indian. You can edit or add your locale per your needs. Even more you can set a language (e.g. English) for backend while set another one (e.g. Arabic) for frontend.

You can download your language text file and update it as you like for the most proper translation in your locale

If your language is not listed above. download the following language file and update it with the corresponding translation in your language

send me an email to with your language file attached to it and I will add it to the nearest coming update with your name as an author.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Simple Installation Wizard

B1st provides smart and simple Installation wizard allows one click installation for common users.

User-Friendly Interface

B1ST comes in a Friendly User Interface as users easily can navigate, learn and teach final users without any expertness needed.

Seamless Integration

Frontend of B1ST can be integrated seamless any HTML , PHP or ASP websites in addition to major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestshop. All you need to do is to integrate frontend URL as iframe

Strict Spam Detection & Prevention

B1ST prevents spam by using 2 layers of authentication.

  • The first prevention layer by enabling reCAPTCHA to stop bot messages.
  • The second layer by integrating A.kis.met, the best-automated spam killer that actually gets better as it learns.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Malware & Virus Protection

B1ST makes use of OPSWAT Metascan API to scan any files attached to customers’ messages; thus ensuring it is clean and not infected by any virus or malware that may damage your server security. It also allows auto multi scanning facilities using more than 40 engines.

Mobile Verification

The most selling feature in B1ST Support system is that it allows you to make sure the users enter a valid mobile numbers where you call back anytime. user will receive a missed call from he should enter the last five digits of calling number to validate its mobile number. If he provided wrong last five digits of calling number he will be prevented from registrations.

Chat Module

B1ST allows you as admin to chat with your online customers and to post any chat session as new ticket that may take further attention and investigation. On the other hand, customers can target a chat department (Admin) and chat with it. Status of availability of departments (admins) is based on if they are loging to the system or not. That is a great advantage that help customers to know if someone can be in help at the moment or not.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Advanced Rating System

B1ST allows advanced rating system where users can vote for each answer they receive as a reply from Admins. This helps a lot with the aid of Admin-Status where admin can check his average rating he received with regard to overall rating received from all other Admins. Also, an Admin can check how many bad rates he received.

Elastic Ticket Priority

B1ST gives you the ability to add ticket priority as desired. For example, you may name it (Urgent, High, Normal & Low). You may set it only to less priorities or increase it to whatever you like.

Advanced Response time system

B1ST allows you to measure your average response times for all tickets replied by an admin. This helps a lot with the aid of Admin-Status where admin can check his response time with regard to a threshold defined by Super-Admin.

Responsive Design

B1ST will show properly on most devices. Thanks to responsive template used based on 16 column grid.

Multiple Company Profiles

B1ST allows you to create multiple companies’ profiles in a single install and maintain them from one place.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Multiple Divisions & Departments

B1ST allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper product department whether it is the sales, support, billing, affiliation, participation, or whatever department you define in the admin panel.

Multiple Products

B1ST allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper product department’ support team; thus, if you have multiple products, each message will be sent to the proper department.

Multiple Admin Roles facilities

B1ST allows you to set up multiple admin roles on same domain and same installation. You can authorize who can view, reply, close, delete messages or else as authorized. For example, you can authorize who can close or delete messages, while allowing someone else to only close them, or you may not authorize him to close or delete messages, but just to reply to them.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Universal Email Integration

No matter what your email provider is, B1ST will allow you to receive your emails directly to your message board. B1ST can be integrated to receive any Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Plesk, and cPanel accounts. As a double-spam protection, A.Kis.Met API will scan these messages in addition to the detection methods used by your email provider. Finally, if these messages have any attachments, OPSWAT Metascan API will scan them for any virus or malware.

Canned Message System

B1ST allows you to reply directly from message using canned messages stored previously as FAQ,; thus you do not have to write anything, just choose an answer and insert it directly with one-click.

Twitter Direct Message’s Notification System

B1ST integrates with Twitter API to receive and send direct message notifications; thus, you can make use of social network and keep in touch with your clients to get to know new issues.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Integrated FAQ System

B1ST adds as many frequently asked questions on a product-basis. These FAQs cab be used later for fast reply using the ingrated canned-messages system.

Integrated Knowledgebase System

B1ST adds as many technical topics on a product-basis. Each group of topics is associated with one category; thus, you can show help on topic basis rather than product basis. For example, all configuration topics for all products appear under the same category.

Fully Customizable & Configurable

B1ST is fully customized. comes with 8 built-in styles for your frontend & backend in addition to the capability to create any new styles of yours with no limit. Even, you can set a style color for your fronend while set different style for the backend. On the other hand all premium modules can be switched on & off per your needs.

Auto Database Backup & Restore

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Rest assure that you can restore your data back in case you faced any suddenly data loss. B1ST allows you to generate backup of your messages database on a period-basis, as many as you wish to. These backups can be restored later easily with a push of a button.

Fully Customizable & Configurable= Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Messages Statics & Monitoring

B1ST gives you clear insight about your messages breakdown according to a message’s state, and its priority. In addition, a breakdown over products, department and companies provided. Finally, monitor your messages rating & its response time; thus, you can measure your customers’ satisfaction.

Messages Filter, Search & Targeting
  • From a frontend perspective, messages can be delivered to special divisions and special products with a specific priority.
  • On the other hand, from a backend perspective, messages can be filtered by divisions, products, and priorities; even more, they can be searched by email and ticket number.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Scanned Uploads & Attachment

B1ST allows your customers to attach files to their messages. But do not worry; you are still safe thanks to OPSWAT Metascan API. These attachments will be scanned using 40+ online virus & malware engines. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Elegant Message Board

B1st Message board has an easy to use interface, which shows a message meta-data, enables admin to control message by replying to it, closing the issue, or even deleting it.

Auto-responder Message

B1ST can be configured to respond automatically to each message received on your message board; thus, customers make sure their messages are delivered to you.

Fully Customizable & Configurable=

Globally Recognized Avatar

B1ST Shows you and your customer’s grAvatar next to each message and their replies; that makes sense. Thus, you are a globally recognized avatar.


B1ST documentation is well-written in an easy but professional way to fulfil all inquiries that you may think of.

In Addition to

  • Based on Code Igniter Framework
  • Adhere to PSR4
  • Code is well-commented & organized
  • 1800+ hours of development & 300+ hours of testing

We Start Where Others End

Sure, you tried many other PHP Support Systems before, but we are sure this is the one you have not experienced before. This is just a start, Our target is the endless possibility of a PHP Support System that is recognized globally over the world.

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